California Stone Fruit Research Database
California Stone Fruit Research Database
California Stone Fruit Research Database
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California Stone Fruit Research Database


A First-Year Progress Report on Improvements and Replacements for Pre-Plant Soil Fumigation
McKenry, M.V. 1993
Assessment Vibration Induced During Transportation of Pears
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Barriers to the Implementation of Mating Disruption for Control of Colding Moth
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Biomics of the Peach Twig Borer, Anarsia lineatella, Oriental Fruit Moth, Grapholita molesta, In Peach and Nectarine Orchards
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Classical Biological Control: An Alternative Management Strategy for Suppression of Colding Moth in Pear Orchards
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Combination of Hot Water and Ethanol to Control Postharvest Decay of Stone Fruit
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Control of Colding Moth Through Post Harvest Fruit Sanitation
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Control of Frost Injury, Fire Blight and Fruit Russet of Pear Caused by Leaf Surface Bacteria
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Disruption of Pheromone Communication for Control of the Omnivorous Leafroller in Peaches
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Effects on Nitrogen Fertilization on the Susceptibility of Fantasia Nectarines to Brown Rot and on the Biology of Monilinia fructicola
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Evaluation and Control of Postharvest Decay of Fresh Market Pear Fruit
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Evaluation of Alternatives to Soil Applied Leachable Nitrogen
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Evaluation of Damage to Pear Fruit Resulting from Harvesting and Packing Procedures and the Effect of Market Quality
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Evaluation of Established Long-Term Rootstock Trials for Barlett Pears
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Evaluation of Size Controlling Rootstocks for California Peach, Plum, and Nectarine Production
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Evaluation of Stone Fruit Advanced Selections and New Cultivars
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Evaluation of the Effect of Prestorage Heating and Controlled Atmosphere Storage on Development of Mealiness in Peaches and Nectarines
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Evaluations of Polymer Film/Pheromone Spray for Mating Disruption of San Jose Scale and Moths in Stone Fruit
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Evalution of New Techniques for Improving Stone Fruit Production, Fruit Quality and Storage Performance
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Genetics and Selection of Organophosphate
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Identification of Woody Plant Cultivars Using DNA Fingerprinting
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Implementation of Pheromone Mating Disruption Program in California Pear Orchards
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Inundative Releases of Trichrogramma Platneri (Fowler Strain) for Control of Colding Moth in Pears
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Leafrollers as Secondary Pests to Codling Moth Mating Disruption in Pears
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Managing Peach Twig Borer with Bacillus thuringiensis
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Nondestructive Sensing of Quality Attributes in Peaches and Nectarines
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Pre- and Postharvest Diseases of Fresh Market Peaches and Nectarines with Emphasis on Postharvest Fungicides Effecting Decay Control
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Quarantine Treatments and Strategies to Control Walnut Husk Fly in Stone Fruits for Export to New Zealand
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Regional Management of Codling Moth: Randall Island Project
Welter, S.C., F. Cave, J. Dunley, K. Hansen, amd B. Van Steenwyk. 1993
Relationship Between N Fertilization, Irrigation, Yield, Vegetative Vigor and Canopy Exposure, Fruit Size and Quality and Postharvest Biology of Pears
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Role of Cutinase in Pathogenicity of the Brown Rot Fungus Monilinia fructicola
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Skin Discoloration of Peach And Nectarine Fruit
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Study of Factors Affecting Codling Moth Control by Mating Disruption
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Water Use and Water Management of Mid to Late Season Stone Fruit
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