California Stone Fruit Research Database
California Stone Fruit Research Database
California Stone Fruit Research Database
University of California
California Stone Fruit Research Database


Application and Efficacy of Paraffin Emulsions for Mating Disruption of Oriental Fruit Moth, Peach Twig Borer, and San Jose Scale
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California Utility Grade Collection and Analysis Project
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Cultural and Chemical Controls of Preharvest and Postharvest Brown Rot of Peach, Nectarines, and Plums, and Mucor Rot of Late Varieties of Nectarines and Plums
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Determination of Maximum Maturity for Stone Fruit
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Developing an Integrated Peach and Nectarine Orchard Management System With Less Dependence on Synthetic Pesticides and Fertilizers
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Development of a Farm-Wide System for Control of Many of the Principal Lepidopterous Pests of Tree Fruits and Grape Based on Disruption of Premating Pheromone Communication Between Male and Female Moths
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Development of a Sprayable, Biodegradable Carrier for Insect Pheromones
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Evaluation of Alternatives to Soil Applied Leachable Nitrogen
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Evaluation of Size Controlling Rootstocks for California Peach Production
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Evaluation of Stone Fruit Advanced Selections and New Cultivars
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Foodservice Research Project
DirectLine Technologies Inc., Dompe and Associates. 1995
Improved Rootstocks for Peach and Nectarine
Bliss, F.A., and A. Almehdi. 1995
Manipulation of the Predaceous Ant, Formica Aerata, for Control of the Peach Twig Borer
Daane, K.M., J.W. Dlott, M.P. Jones, I.M. Peterson, and G.Y. Yokota. 1995
Optimum Treatment Timing for Omnivorous Leafroller in Dedicuous Fruits
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Qualitative Research Concerning California Peaches, Plums, and Nectarines
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Studies on Stone Fruit Internal Breakdown
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Western Flower Thrips in Nectarines and Dormant Spray Effects
Bentley, W., J. Kosareff, and E. Schwab. 1995
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