California Stone Fruit Research Database
California Stone Fruit Research Database
California Stone Fruit Research Database
University of California
California Stone Fruit Research Database


Assesment of Postharvest and Retail Handling Practices of Peaches, Plums, and Nectarines on Microbial Food Safety Risk Reduction
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Chemical Blossom Thinning of Plums
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Chemical Thinning of Stone Fruits in the Sierra Foothill Region
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Control of Armilaria with Biological Control Agents Trichoderma virde and Trichoderma harzianum
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Controlled Atmosphere/High Temperature Forced Air: A Non-Chemical Quarantine Treatment For Stone Fruit
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Development of Design Criteria for a 5-down Box
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Evaluation of Size Controlling Rootstocks for California Peach Production
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Field Evaluation of IPM-based Guidelines Designed for Stone Fruit Replant Situations
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Improved Rootstock for Peach and Nectarine
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Laboratory Evaluation of the Effects of Oils and Insect Growth Regulators on San Jose Scale
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Maintenance of Stone Fruit Advanced Selection, Germplasm, and Seedling Plots
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Management and Epidemology of Pre- and Postharvest Brown Rot and Other Diseases of Fresh Market Stone Fruit Crops
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Pest Management in Stone Fruits, a Demonstration and Feasibility Evaluation
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Plum Nutrition Studies
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San Jose Scale Natural Enemies: Investigating the Potential for Natural or Augmented Control
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Testing the Relationship between Peach Tritatable Acidity and Consumer Acceptance
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The Effect of Nutrient Deficiencies on Fruit Production and Quality
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Tree Height and Volume Studies for Fresh-Shipping Stone Fruits
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Understanding the Role of Ethylene in the Tree Fruit Industry
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