California Stone Fruit Research Database
California Stone Fruit Research Database
California Stone Fruit Research Database
University of California
California Stone Fruit Research Database


Attractants for Female Oriental Fruit Moth from Shoot and Fruit Odors
Millar, Jocelyn. 2004
Biology, Epidemiology, and Management of Sour Rot Complex Decay in Stone Fruit
Michailides, Themis J. 2004
Controlled Atmosphere/High Temperature Forced Air: A Non-Chemical Quarantine Treatment for Stone Fruit
Obenland, David and Lisa Neven. 2004
Developing a Method for Saving Substantial Amounts of Irrigation Water After Harvest in Early Maturing Peach Orchards
Johnson, R. Scott. 2004
Developing Monitoring Methods for Oriental Fruith Moth in Mating Disruption Orchards
Bentley, Walt. 2004
Effect of Timing of Topping to Reduce Tree Height on Subsequent Year Tree Vigor
Dejong, T.M. 2004
Epidemiology and Management of Pre- and Post Harvest Diseases of Fresh Market Stone Fruits
Adaskaveg, James E. 2004
Evaluation of Size Controlling Rootstocks for California Peach Production
Dejong, T.M. 2004
Field Evaluation of IPM-based Guidelines for Stone Fruit Replant Situations
McKenry, Michael. 2004
Improved Rootstocks for Peach and Nectarine
DeJong, Ted. 2004
Investigating the Role of Boron in Stone Fruit Orchard Productivity and Fruit Quality
Johnson, R. Scott. 2004
Investigation of the Effects of Tree Fruit Supplementation on the Repair of Oxidative DNA Base Damage in Mouse Extracts
Bohr, Vilhelm A. 2004
Researching Biology and Control of Forktailed Bush Katydid
Bentley, Walt. 2004
San Jose Scale and its Natural Enemies: Investigating Natural and Augmented Controls
Daane, Kent M. 2004
Stone Fruit Thinning With Soybean Oil
Andris, Harry L. 2004
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