Central Valley Friendly Landscaping
University of California
Central Valley Friendly Landscaping

2014 Awards


The fourth annual Central Valley Friendly Landscaping Awards event was hosted by the Clovis Botanical Garden on October 11, 2014.  The five gardens chosen were determined to best embody the seven guiding principles of the Central Valley Friendly Landscaping program, and serve as living teaching tools to all who see them. 

Event attendees got to see photo boards of the winning yards, and more importantly, got to hear from the homeowners themselves about the changes they have made in their yards and why doing so was important to them.  Reasons ranged from a desire to see beautiful color all year round, reducing the amount of water used outside, attracting wildlife, and finding a natural resource-savvy and environmentally friendly way to put their personal stamp on their home landscaping. 

Award recipients were Carla Futtrup, Bernice Requenez, Roger and Karen Tsuruda, Marian and Frank Orvis, and Debbie DiNoto. Each received a large Margaret Hudson quail with personalized plaque, a framed certificate, and a yard sign with the program’s quail logo.

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