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CV Friendly Checklist and Application

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Print this checklist to use in your garden. Discover in which
areas of your garden you already use Central Valley Friendly
landscaping practices. Many improvements can be made
without drastic changes to your landscape. You may find that
some improvements are relatively simple, such as reducing
water use by adjusting your irrigation schedule and monitoring
your irrigation system for leaks and misdirected sprayers.

Do not become overwhelmed by the many possible changes
you can apply to your garden. Use this checklist and website
to select an area of interest then discover how you can apply
the Central Valley Friendly Landscaping principles to your
garden. Even a small change will make a difference.

Residential Checklist and Application (pdf)

Print the commercial checklist to see which principles you are already doing in your company’s landscaping, which principles you can improve on and which you can apply. 

Use this website as a resource for becoming more Central Valley Friendly in the landscapes you maintain or design.  You can easily incorporate many features on this checklist into your landscaping practices through simple changes.  If you are not permitted to make changes, ask the company you work for since these easy practices will improve their cost, community relations, and total landscape appearance.

Commercial Checklist and Application (pdf) 

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