Central Valley Friendly Landscaping
University of California
Central Valley Friendly Landscaping

Required Practices


All of the following practices must be applied in your garden in order to qualify for Central Valley Friendly Landscape Award recognition.

General landscaping:

  1. Central Valley Friendly plants are predominately featured in the landscape. Central Valley Friendly plants are acclimated to our unique environment. They require a minimal amount of water to thrive in the
    Lavandula sp.
     Central Valley as classified by Sunset Garden’s climate zone 8 or 9. See also the City of Clovis' drought tolerant plant list.
  2. Grass clippings, fertilizer and soil are not hosed off the driveway and walkways into streets. Those materials are put back into the landscape rather than being washed away. (Washing materials off hard surfaces into the street carries pollutants into the storm drain system and ultimately into our ground water.)
    lawn height2
  3. If a lawn is present, it is being mowed at an appropriate height based on your lawn type.
  4. If supplemental fertilization is needed, as determined by a soil test or when plants exhibit obvious symptoms such as yellowing, only organic or slow-release fertilizers are used.


  1. Lawns and landscape plants are irrigated only when needed and in compliance with your city’s watering schedule. City of Fresno  City of Clovis
  2. You use a rain sensor or manually turn off your sprinklers during a rain event.
    Water waste 4
  3. If an automatic irrigation system is used, it is regularly observed while operating (i.e., monthly) to see if repairs or adjustments are needed.
  4. Problems with the irrigation system are repaired promptly.
  5. A timing method, such as a kitchen timer, is used in the following situations:
    Water waste 5
  • When watering by hose to assure that the hose is moved to a new location or shut off in a timely manner.
  • When using a manual in-ground sprinkler system so that the irrigation is not unnecessarily left running.


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