UC Davis Small Grains and Alfalfa (Virtual) Field Day

Apr 28, 2021

UC Davis Small Grains and Alfalfa (Virtual) Field Day

Apr 28, 2021

The UC Davis Small Grains and Alfalfa Field Day will take place virtually in 2021. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 from 1:00 to 4:30pm. The agenda is below, and continuing education credits will be offered. To receive credits, you must register for the event. There is NO registration fee. Please see this website for registration and meeting login information. We hope to have you join us!


1:00     Welcome and opening remarks: John Palmer Executive Director, CCIA

1:05-2:45 UC small grain breeding, variety evaluations, agronomic research and extension

1:05      Update from the California Wheat Commission: Claudia Carter, Executive Director California Wheat Commission

1:10      UC Wheat Breeding Update: Jorge Dubcovsky and Oswaldo Chicaiza, UC Davis

1:18      UC Malting Barley & Oat Breeding Update: Alicia del Blanco, UC Davis

1:24      Breeding Triticales for Bread and Forage: Josh Hegarty, UC Davis

1:30      Evaluating Small Grain Varieties for Grain Yield, Grain Quality, Stress Stability, Pest Resistance, and Biomass Productivity Potential: Mark Lundy, UC Davis/UCCE

1:45      Interactive Web Tools for California Small Grain Management: Soil nitrate quick test; California weather; Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Tool; Seeding rate calculator: Taylor Nelsen and Mark Lundy, UC Davis/UCCE

2:00      Case Study: Using N-rich Reference Zones to Guide N Fertilizer Management for Irrigated Triticale in the San Joaquin Valley: Nicholas Clark, UCCE

2:20      Above and Belowground Productivity of Perennial Wheatgrass (Kernza) Compared to Tilled and No-till Annual Wheat: Kalyn Diederich, UC Davis

2:30      Evaluating Biosolid Fertilizers in Sacramento Valley Small Grain Crops: Konrad Mathesius, UC Cooperative Extension

2:45 – 4:30  UC Alfalfa & Forage Virtual Field Day

2:45      Weed Control During Stand Establishment:  Sarah Light, UCCE Advisor, Sutter/Yuba Counties

2:57      Update on Weed Control Field Studies in the Intermountain Area: Tom Getts, UCCE Advisor, Shasta County

3:09      Importance of Resistance Management in Alfalfa: Ian Grettenberger, Madi Hendrick, UC Davis

3:21      Use of Drones for Insect Management: Rachael Long, UCCE Advisor, Yolo/Solano/Sacramento

3:33      Updated on Blue Alfalfa Aphid and Control in California:  Michael Rethwisch, UCCE Advisor, Riverside County

3:45      Choosing Alfalfa Varieties for Insect, Nematode, and Disease Resistance and high yield: Dan Putnam, UC Davis

3:57      Viable Strategies for Production of Alfalfa in a Drought Year using LESA and MDI on Overhead Sprinklers:  Umair Gull, UC Davis Graduate Student         

4:09      Soil Health under Full and Deficit Irrigation Conditions: Michelle Leinfelder-Miles, UCCE Advisor, San Joaquin and Delta Region

4:21      Sugarcane Aphid Control in Forage Sorghum: Nick Clark, UCCE Advisor, Kern/Fresno Counties

4:33      Adjourn

By Michelle Leinfelder-Miles
Author - Farm Advisor

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