2023 UC Dry Bean Field Day

Jul 17, 2023

2023 UC Dry Bean Field Day

Jul 17, 2023

UC Davis and UC Cooperative Extension will host the UC Dry Bean Field Day on Tuesday, August 15, 2023 from 9:30am to 11:30am. The field day will begin along Bee Biology Road on the UC Davis campus. The agenda is pasted below, and a downloadable version is attached to the bottom of this post. DPR continuing education (1.0) is pending. CCA continuing education credits have been approved (1.0 Crop Management, 1.0 Pest Management). Thanks for your interest, and we hope to see you at the field day!


9:30am     Welcome and introductions: Christine Diepenbrock and Antonia Palkovic, UC Davis; Michelle Leinfelder-Miles, UC Cooperative Extension

9:35am     How can we further improve lima bean? A project funded by the USDA to improve breeding resources: Paul Gepts, UC Davis

9:50am     Walk through and discussion of lima breeding material: Antonia Palkovic and Christine Diepenbrock, UC Davis

10:00am   Field diagnostics – bean pest identification and management: Sarah Light, Michelle Leinfelder-Miles, Nick Clark, UC Cooperative Extension

10:30am   Travel to Veg Crops location (38.534222, -121.782222)

10:35am   Blackeye varietal improvement - update on new pest-resistant varieties: Bao-Lam Huynh, UC Riverside

10:55am   Results from round one of “speed breeding”, and testing nutritional alongside agronomic traits in limas: Christine Diepenbrock, UC Davis

11:00am   From farm to (robot) stomach: what are the trait profiles of California beans after harvest?: Tayah Bolt, UC Davis

11:05am   Screening for drought resilience in common and tepary beans: Matthew Gilbert, Tom Buckley, Troy Magney, Paul Gepts, Chris Wong, Antonia Palkovic, Travis Parker, UC Davis

11:20am   Evaluating productivity and quality of cowpea and interspecific common/tepary bean in Davis and Parlier (contrasting temperatures): Sassoum Lo, Jonny Berlingeri, UC Davis

11:25am   Developing low-cost phone apps/drone and rover platforms to measure agronomic traits: Earl Ranario, Heesup Yun, Vivian Vuong, UC Davis

11:30am   Discussion and evaluation

By Michelle Leinfelder-Miles
Author - Farm Advisor

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