Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
University of California
Prune Research Reports Database


Aerial Application Studies
Yates, Wesley E., N. B. Akesson, R. Cowden and Joe Ogawa. 1972.
An Investigation of the Dehydration of Fruits and Processing and Storage of Dried Fruits
Miller, M. W. 1972.
Control Programs for Preharvest and Postharvest Fungus Diseases of Prunes (Russet Scab, Postharvest Molds, Brown Rot and Rust)
Ogawa, J. M., K. Uris, W. E. Yates, Tom Aldrich, Bill Manji and Elaine Bose. 1972.
Cytospora Canker of Prunes
English, W. H. and Paul Bertrand. 1972.
Engineering Aspects of Prune Side Cracking (Ph D dissertation in Agricultural Engineering, University of California, Davis)
Mrozek, Robert Frederick. 1972.
For Prune, Certain Peach X-Almond Rootstocks Being Developed for Prunus
Kester, D. E. and R. Asay. 1972.
Improving Prune Size
Ramos, D. E., L. B. Fitch, G. S. Sibbett, D. H. Chaney, J Yeager, E. Roncoroni and G. C. Martin. 1972.
Molds Developing on Mechanically Harvested Fruit - Effect on Mycotoxin Production and Control Measures
Ogawa, J. M., W. E. Yates, B. T. Manji and Elaine Bose. 1972.
Optical Prune Sorting
Burkhardt, T. H. and C. M. Sprock. 1972.
Physical Properties Related to Side Cracking
Burkhardt, T. H. and K. Brush. 1972.
Potassium Nutrition of Fruit Crops in Relation to Root and Soil Properties
Carlson, R. M., J. R. Buchanan and T. E. Kapustka. 1972.
Pseudomonas-Cytospora-Canker Complex of Stone Fruit Trees
English, W. H., J. M. Duniway, C. I. Kado, D. E. Kester, B. F. Lownsbery and Frank Schick. 1972.
Resistance of Prunus to Root Lesion Nematode and Effect of Nematodes on Prunes
Lownsbery, B. F. 1972.
Side-Cracking of Prunes
Uriu, K. and J. Pearson. 1972.
Stone Fruit Varietal Improvement and Improvement of Rootstocks for Stone Fruits
Hesse, C. O., R. Fenton and J. Doyle. 1972.
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