Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
University of California
Prune Research Reports Database


Aerial Application Studies
Yates, W. E., N. B. Akesson, R. Cowden and J. Ogawa. 1973.
An Investigation of the Dehydration of Fruits and Processing and Storage of Dried Fruits
Miller, M. W. 1973.
Composition and Quality of Prune Brandy
Guymon, J. F. and E. A. Crowell. 1973.
Control of Decay and Mycotoxin Productin in Fresh and Processed Stone Fruits and Tomatoes
Ogawa, J.M., K. Uriu, W. E. Yates, Tom Aldrich, J. M. Smith, D. Hsieh and I. McSwan. 1973.
Control of postharvest decay of stone fruits in transit and storage
Ogawa, J. M., B. T. Manji and Elaine Bose. 1973.
Crop Control
Ramos, D. E., G. Carnill, L. B. Fitch, G. C. Matrtin, J. W. Osgood and S. S. Sibbett. 1973.
Improvements of Rootstocks for Stone Fruits
Hesse, C. O., D. E. Kester, J. Doyle and R. E. Carlson. 1973.
Optical Prune Sorting
Burkhardt, T. H., D. C. O'Neill and C. M. Sprock. 1973.
Potassium Nutrition of Deciduous Fruit Crops
Carlson, R. M., T. E. Kapustka and S. Freauff. 1973.
Prune Dieback
Uriu, K. and Jim Pearson. 1973.
Prune Dieback: Carbohydrate Nutrition of Potassium Deficient Prune Trees
Breen, Patrick J. and Tom Muraoka. 1973.
The Cytospora-Pseudomonas Canker Complex of Stone Fruit Trees
English, W .H., P. Bertrand, F. J. Schick, J. M. Duniway, J. E. DeVay and B. F. Lownsbery. 1973.
The Pathogenicity and Control of Nematodes Parasitizing Fruit and Nut Trees in California
Lownsbery, B. F. 1973.
Water Application by Overhead Sprinkling in Prune Orchards
Schultz, H. B., K. Uriu and W. E. Yates. 1973.
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