Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
University of California
Prune Research Reports Database


Bacterial Canker
English, Harley. 1974.
Bacterial Canker-Role of Nematodes
Mojtahedi, B., B. F. Lownsbery and Harley English. 1974.
Carbohydrate Nutrition of Potassium-Deficient Prune Trees
Ryugo, Kay. 1974.
Crop Control
Ramos, D., G. Carnill, L. Fitch, G. Martin, W. Olson, J. Osgood, S. Sibbert, S. Weinbaum. 1974.
Cytospora Canker
English, Harley. 1974.
Efficiency of Pesticide Application
Yates, Wesley E. 1974.
Mechanism of Leaf Scorch and Dieback
Uriu, K. 1974.
Overtree Sprinkling - Efficacy of Pesticide Applications
Yates, W. E. 1974.
Overtree Sprinkling - Prune Orchard Climate Modification
Schultz, H. B. 1974.
Overtree Sprinkling - The System
Aldrich, Tom and Herbert Schulbach. 1974.
Overtree Sprinkling - Tree Response and Water Economy
Henderson, D.W. and K. Uriu. 1974.
Potassium Nutrition Related to Soil Properties
Carlson, R. M. 1974.
Prune Dieback - Role of Nematodes
Lownsbery, B. F., E. M. Moody, A. L. Braun and H. Mojtahedi. 1974.
Prune Products and Quality (Prune Size/Quality of Prune Juice and Nutritional Composition)
Miller, M. W. 1974.
Prune Rootstocks Investigation
Hesse, C. O., R. M. Carlson, and B. F. Lownsbery. 1974.
Prune Russett Scab Control
Ogawa, J. M. and W. E. Yates. 1974.
Prune Varietal Improvement
Hansche, P. E. and C. O. Hesse. 1974.
Summary of 1974 Research Projects conducted by University of California staff
Ramos, D. E. 1974.
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