Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
University of California
Prune Research Reports Database


An Integrated Soil Management Approach to Improving Water Penetration, Root Growth, Quality and Yield of Prunes
Wildman, William E., Larry Fitch, Dennis E. Rolston, Herbert Schulbach and G. Steven Sibbert. 1979.
Bacterial Canker
English, W. H. and B. F. Lownsbery. 1979.
Box Rot of Prunes
Sholberg, P. L. and J. M. Ogawa. 1979.
Characteristics of Fresh Prunes in Relation to Quality of Dried Fruits
Kader, A., D. Ramos, J. Connell, L. Fitch, W. Olson, J. Osgood, S. Sibbert and J. Yeager. 1979.
Cold Storage to Extend the Dehydration Season of Fresh French Prunes
Mitchell, F.G., S. Sibbert and G. Mayer. 1979.
Efficiency of Nitrogen Utilization in Prune Trees
Weinbaum, Steven A. 1979.
Efficient Nitrogen Application Timing in Prune Production
Olson, Bill, L. Fitch, D. Ramos, J. Yeager, K. Uriu, J. Pearson and R. Snyder. 1979.
Evaluation of Drip Irrigation in Prune Production
Uriu, K., E. Ferreres, D. Ramos, J. Osgood and L. Fitch. 1979.
Evaluation of Prune Varieties in Field Trials
Chaney, David. 1979.
Modified Tree Training
Martin, George C. and Tom Aldrich. 1979.
Potassium Nutrition of Deciduous Fruit Crops as Determined by Properties of Soil and Root Systems
Carlson, R. M. 1979.
Prune Varietal Improvement
Hansche, Paul E. 1979.
Quality of Inside and Outside Prunes
Freeman, Mark. 1979.
Reference Date Harvest Size Prediction of Prunes
Carnill, G., D. Ramos, G. Rowe and K. Uriu. 1979.
Solar Drying of Prunes
Thompson, J., M. W. Miller and H. E. Studer. 1979.
Water Injection to Enhance Dry Matter Production Under High Ambient Temperatures
Weinbaum, S. A. 1979.
Weed Control in Prunes
Elmore, C.L., L. Fitch, D. Homlberg, W. Olson, J. Osgood, A. Lange and R. Snyder. 1979.
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