Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
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Prune Research Reports Database


A High-Speed Prune Defect Sorting System 87 CPB 7
Delwiche, M.J., S. Tang and J. F. Thompson. 1990.
Africanized Honey Bee 87 CPB 8C
Page, Robert, G. Loughner, L. Foote and T. Prout. 1990.
Cost of Controlled Temperature and Conventional Insect Control for Prune Storage 88 CPB 9C
Thompson, J. F. 1990.
Determining the Cause of Prune Russet Scab and Control Trials 90 CPB 1
Michailides, T. J., D. Morgan and B. Tevioldate. 1990.
Effect of Calcium Nitrate Sprays on Pre-harvest Fruit Drop in French Prune
Krueger, Bill. 1990.
Effect of Preharvest Gibberellic Acid Sprays on French Prune Maturity Characteristics and Return Bloom 82 CPB 1
Southwick, Steve and Jim Yeager. 1990.
Effect of Prunus Necrotic Ringspot Virus on Growth and Yield of Prune Trees 88 CPB 6
Southwick, Steve and Jerry Uyemoto. 1990.
Effects of Infestation by Eriophyid Mites for Three Years on the Production and Quality of French Prunes 88 CPB 5
Welter, Stephen, Don Flaherty and Steven Sibbett. 1990.
Efficacy of Temperature Treatments for Insect Disinfestation of Dried Fruits and Nuts 88 CPB 9C
Johnson, J. A., H. R. Bolin, G. Fuller, and J. F. Thompson. 1990.
Etiology, Epidemiology and Control of Prune Diseases (Heart Rot, Russet Scab, Brown Rot and Rust) 80 CPB 2
Ogawa, J. M., B. Manji, A. Feliciano, J. Adaskaveg, R Buchner, J. Osgood and J. Osorio. 1990.
Evaluation of Bacillus Thuringiensis var Kurstaki For Control of the Over-Wintering Generation of Peach Twig Borer
Olson, Bill. 1990.
Evaluation of New Marianna Rootstocks for French Prune 84 CPB 1
Southwick, S., J. Osgood, J. Yeager, J. Mircetich, B. Olson, M. Norton, J. Doyle and B. Carlson. 1990.
Evaluation of Prune Rootstocks for Resistance to Phytophthora 84 CPB 1
Mircertich, S. M., S. M. Southwick and J. Osgood. 1990.
Evaluation of Soil Modification, Rootstocks and Planting Design of French Prunes on Marginal Orchard Soil 82 CPB 6
Olson, Bill, Jim Yeager and Steve Southwick. 1990.
Genetic Improvement of Stone Fruit Rootstocks for Resistance to Nematodes 87 CPB 5
Ledbetter, Craig, C. Shonnard and M. McKenry. 1990.
Impact and Epidemiology of X-Disease in Prune 89 CPB 7
Kirkpatrick, Bruce C. 1990.
Management of Nematodes and Ground Mealybug on Prunes - 1990 90 CPB 3
Westerdahl, B., C. Anderson, B. Bell, J. Hasey, J. Osgood, N. Phillips, S. Southwick, C. Weakley and J. Yeager. 1990.
Minimizing Environmental Hazards During Dormant Spraying of Almond Orchards and Other crops 90 CPB 5
Wilson, B., J. Seiber, W. Steinke, D. Giles, F. Zalom, D. Fry and W. Asai. 1990.
Potassium Spray Timing in French Prunes, 90 CPB 4
Southwick, Steve, Bill Olson and Jim Yeager. 1990.
Prune Cultivar Evaluation and Development 85 CPB 3
DeJong, T. M., and J. F. Doyle. 1990.
Prune Rust: Effects on Yield and Survival of the Pathogen
Teviotdate, Beth, S. Sibbett, D. Harper and T. Michailides. 1990.
Prunes as a Source of Dietary Fiber 89 CPB 1
Schneeman, Barbara, L. Tinker, P. Davis and D. Gallaher. 1990.
Reentry of Ring Nematode Into Fumigated Sites
Olson, Bill and Becky Westerdahl. 1990.
Sensitivity of French Prune Seasonal Growth Stages to Water Deprivation: Second Year Results 89 CPB 2
Goldhamer, D., S. Southwick, K. Shackel, B. Olson and B. Lampinen. 1990.
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