Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
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Prune Research Reports Database


Africanized Honey Bee 87 CPB 8C
Page, Robert. 1991.
Effect of Preharvest Gibberellic Acid Sprays on French Prune Maturity Characteristics and Return Bloom 82 CPB 1
Southwick, Steve and Jim Yeager. 1991.
Effects of Foliar Applied Urea on % Leaf N and Fruit size of French Prune 82 CPB 1
Sibbett, G. S., S. Southwick and J. Yeager. 1991.
Efficacy of Temperature Treatments for Insect Disinfestation of Dried Fruits and Nuts 88 CPB 9C
Johnson, J. A., H. R. Bolin, G. Fuller and J. F. Thompson. 1991.
Etiology, Epidemiology and Control of Prune Brown Rot 80 CPB 2
Ogawa, J. M. and R. M. Bostock. 1991.
Evaluation of New Marianna Rootstocks for French Prune 84 CPB
Southwick, S., J. Osgood, J. Yeager, B. Carlson, B. Olson, M. Norton, J. Mircetich and J. Doyle. 1991.
Evaluation of Soil Modification, Rootstocks and Planting Design of French Prunes on Marginal Orchard Soil 82 CPB 6
Olson, Bill, Jim Yeager and Steve Southwick. 1991.
Genetic Improvement of Stone Fruit Rootstocks For Resistance to Nematodes 87 CPB 5C
Ledbetter, Craig and Michael McKenry. 1991.
Ground Mealybug Investigations
Olson, Bill, Carolyn Pickel, Bob van Steenwyk and Becky Westerdahl. 1991.
Impact and Epidemiology of X-Disease in Prune 89 CPB 7
Kirkpatrick, Bruce C. 1991.
Literature References 1991
Management of Nematodes on Prunes 90 CPB 3
Westerdahl, B., C. Anderson, J. Hasey, J. Osgood, N. Phillips, S. Southwick, C. Weakley and J. Yeager. 1991.
Managing Peach Twig Borer with Bacillus Thuringiensis 91 CPB 4
Barnett, W. W. 1991.
Minimizing Environmental Hazards During Dormant Spraying of Orchards 90 CPB 5C
Wilson, B. W., W. Steinke, J. Seiber, F. Zalom and W. Asai. 1991.
Nitrogen Fertigation of Young Prune Trees and Effects on Horticultural Performance 91 CPB 2
Southwick, S. T. DeJong, J. Yeager and A. Bonin. 1991.
Nonstructural Carbohydrate Partitioning to Roots of French Prunes 91 CPB 3
Pochner, Salo and R. M. Carlson. 1991.
Potassium Spray Timing in French Prunes, 90 CPB 4
Southwick, S., B. Olson and J. Yeager. 1991.
Prune Bargaining Association Shaker Thinning Trial
Thompson, Greg. 1991.
Prune Cultivar Evaluation and Development 85 CPB 3
DeJong, T. M., and J. F. Doyle. 1991.
Prune Rust: Effects of Yield and Survival of the Pathogen 90 CPB 1
Teviotdale, Beth L., Dennis Harper and Themis Michailides. 1991.
Sensitivity of Seasonal Growth Stages of French Prune to Water Deprivation: Three Year Summary 89 CPB 2
Lampinen, B., K. Shackel, S. Southwick, D. Goldhamer and B. Olson. 1991.
UC Marianna Rootstock Evaluation
De Jong, T. M., J. F. Doyle and R. S. Johnson. 1991.
Window Period for Induction of Prune Russeting and Russet Scab 90 CPB 1
Michailides, T. J., D. P. Morgan, B. L. Teviotdale and E. L. Giacolini. 1991.
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