Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
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Prune Research Reports Database


Africanized Honey Bee Research 87 CPB 8C
Page, Robert E. 1995.
Antioxidants in Prunes, Levels and Physiological Interactions 95 CPB 1
Waterhouse, Andrew L. 1995.
Bacterial Canker: Mechanisms, Pathogen Characterization, and Control 95 CPB 4C
Kirkpatrick, Bruce and Richard Bostock. 1995.
Biology, Ecology and Epidemiology of Monilinia Species and Management of Prune Brown Rot with Late-Spring and Early-Summer Fungicide Sprays 93 CPB 3
Michailides, T., D. Morgan, B. Holtz and C. Hong. 1995.
Chemical Thinning of French Prune with Armothin in 1995 82 CPB 1
Southwick, S. J. Yeager and K. Weis. 1995.
Continued Study on Prunus Necrotic Ringspot Virus and Its Effect on Tree Growth and Fruit Yield 88 CPB 6
Southwick, Steve and Jerry Uyemoto. 1995.
Development of Postharvest Vapor H202 Treatment for Prunes to Reduce Mold Counts 93 CPB 7C
Simmons, G., J. Smilanick and S. John. 1995.
Effect of Alternate Year Dormant Phosphate/Oil Applications on San Jose Scale and Peach Twig Borer Control in French Prune 82 CPB 1
Sibbett, G. S., W. Barnett and W. Bentley. 1995.
Effect of an Early and Late Harvest vs One Complete Harvest on French Prune Quality and Revenue per acre 82 CPB 1
Sibbett, G. S. 1995.
Effect of Regulated Deficit Irrigation on Growth and Fruiting of French Prune 82 CPB 1
Krueger, B., H. Nielsen and K. Shackel. 1995.
Effects of Budding Height on Tree Growth and Incidence of Bacterial Canker in French Prune in 1995 82 CPB 1
Southwick, S., J. Yeager, W. Olson, R. Buchner, B. Kirkpatrick, K. Weis and V. Rose. 1995.
Efficacy and Residue Analysis of Pyrethroid Insecticides on Pest and Beneficial Species 95 CPB 2C
Pickel, C., F. Zalom, M. Stimman, B. Olsen, R. Buchner and B. Krueger. 1995.
Efficacy of Delayed Dormant Oil Treatments and Sampling Thresholds for Mealy Plum Aphids
Pickel, C., B. Olson, B. Krueger and R. Buchner. 1995.
Management of Nematodes on Prunes - 1995 90 CPB 3
Westerdahl, B., C. Anderson, R. Buchner, J. Edstrom, H. Ferris, B. Krueger, B. Olson, S. Southwick and J. Yeager. 1995.
Nitrogen Fertigation of Young Prune Trees and Effects on Horticultural Performance in 1995 91 CPB 2
Southwick, S., J. Yeager, K. Weis, V. Rose, T. DeJong, K. Shackel and A. Bonin. 1995.
Physiological Responses of Prune Trees to Moderate and Severe Water Stress: Second Year Results 89 CPB 2
Lampinen, B., K. Shackel, S. Southwick, D. Goldhamer, J. Yeager, B. Olson and S. Sibbett. 1995.
Prune Cultivar Evaluation and Development 85 CPB 3
DeJong, T. M., and J. F. Doyle. 1995.
Reducing Dormant Sprays and Their Impact on the Environment 90 CPB 5C
Wilson, B., W. Steinke, F. Zalom, M. Grismer, D. Hinton, H. Bailey and T. Shibamoto. 1995.
Summer vs Winter Pruning to Shorten Prune Non-Bearing Years 82 CPB 1
Reil, W., S. Southwick and J. Yeager. 1995.
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