Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
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Prune Research Reports Database


Alternate Year Dormant Insecticide Spray Program in the Sacramento Valley 97 CPB 7
Olson, Bill and Jed Walton. 2000.
Bacterial Canker: Mechanisms, Pathogen Characterization, and Control 95 CPB 4C
Kirkpatrick, B. and R. Bostock. 2000.
Bacterial Canker: Mechanisms, Pathogen Characterization, and Control 95 CPB 4C
Shackel, K., T. DeJong and B. Kirkpatrick. 2000.
Correction of Potassium Deficiency in Prunes Using Potassium Chloride and Gypsum
Krueger, William H., Zachary Heath and Steve Brown. 2000.
Effect of Differential Training Regimes on Early Production and Gross Returns in French Prunes
Krueger, William H. and Zachary Heath. 2000.
Effect of Irrigation on Fruit Cracking for French Prune
Buchner, R. and C. Gilles. 2000.
Efficacy of Crop Set
Sibbett, G. Steven. 2000.
Efficacy of EsteemĀ® for Italian Pear Scale Control On French Prune 97 CPB 7
Buchner, Richard P., Cyndi K. Gilles and Bruce Carroll. 2000.
Efficacy of Omni Oil Plus Breakthru for Leaf Curl Plum Aphid Control 97 CPB 7
Buchner, Richard P. and Cyndi K. Gilles. 2000.
Efficacy of Valero (cinnamaldehyde) for Mite Control on French Prune
Buchner, R., C. Pickel, C. Gilles and D. King. 2000.
Efficacy Trial Using Harmonia axyridis Lady Beetles to Control Mealy Plum Aphids on Prunes 97 CPB 7
Olson, B., C. Pickel, N. Bertagna, J. Walton and D. King. 2000.
Environmentally Sound Prune Systems (ESPS) 97 CPB 7
Olson, Bill (ed), W. Bentley, R. Buchner, M. Freeman, B. Holtz, B. Krueger, T. Michailides, N. Mills, M. Norton, G. Obenauf, C. Pickel, W. Reil, K. Shackel, J. Walton, S. Sibbert, S. Southwick and F. Thomas. 2000.
Evaluation of Aphid Predicting Models and Development of New Dormant Treatment Decision Guides 97 CPB 7
Olson, B., T. Prather, J. Walton, N. Bertagna and C. Pickel. 2000.
Pesticide Efficacy Trial on Mealy Plum Aphid 97 CPB 7
Olson, Bill, Nick Bertagna and Jed Walton. 2000.
Pesticide Usage Survey and Pesticide Use Reporting 97 CPB 7
Olson, Bill and Jed Walton. 2000.
Phytotoxicity of Captan Following Oil/Rovral Application on French Prune
Buchner, R. P. and C. K. Gilles. 2000.
Prediction and Risk Assessment Model of Blossom Blight and Latent Infection of Brown Rot in Prunes Caused by Monilinia fructicola 98 CPB 4
Luo, Yong, Themis J. Michailides and David P. Morgan. 2000.
Production, Release, and Evaluation of Parasitoids Attacking Prune Aphids 96 CPB 6
Mill, N. J., C. Pickel, W. Olson, W. Krueger and R. Buchner. 2000.
Prune Cultivar Development and Evaluation 85 CPB 3
DeJong, T. M., J. F. Doyle and C. J. DeBuse. 2000.
Prune Orchard Mangement 82 CPB
Southwick, S., J. Yeager, K. Glozer, B. Krueger, R. Buchner, W. Reil, B. Olson, S. Sibbett and A. Bonin. 2000.
Reducing Impact of Dormant Sprays 90 CPB 5C
Wilson, B., F. Zalom, D. Hinton, W. Wallender and P. O'Connor-Marer. 2000.
Storage of Prunes Under Controlled Atmospheres for Quality Preservation and Insect Control 98 CPB 3
Navarro, Shlomo. 2000.
Testing Oblique Banded Leafroller Pheromone Load Rates for Monitoring 97 CPB 7
Pickel, C., B. Olson, J. Walton, R. Buchner, B. Krueger, W. Reil and S. Sibbett. 2000.
Use of Fall Aphid Prediction and Oil Sprays at Bloom to Control Plum Aphids
Krueger, W. and Z. Heath. 2000.
Use of Walnut Hulls for Weed Control
Heath, Zachary R. and William H. Krueger. 2000.
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