Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
University of California
Prune Research Reports Database


Evaluation of Insecticides at Different Timings and Rates for Aphid Control-2003-04 97 CPB 7
Pickel, C., B. Olson, S. Miller, F. Niederholzer, G. Sandler, S. Smith and J. Walton. 2004.
Evaluation of Omni Oil Applied Near Bloom for Aphid Control 97 CPB 7
Olson, Bill and Sean Miller. 2004.
Feasibility of Precision Fruit Thinning 40 CPB 1
Thompson, Jim, D. Slaughter and Uriel Rosa. 2004.
Integrated Prune Farming Practices (IPFP) 97 CPB 7
Olson, B, H. Andris, R. Buchner, B. Holtz, K. Klonsky, B. Krueger, T. Michailides, N. Mills, F. Niederholzer, M. Norton, G. Obenauf, C. Pickel, W. Reil, K. Shackel, S. Sibbett, S. Southwick, F. Thomas and J. Walton. 2004.
Preliminary Study to Evaluate Spring Topping 04 CPB 3
Niederholzer, Franz. 2004.
Prune Aphids: Overwintering Biology and Biological Control 96 CPB 6
Mills, N. J., A. Thimmayya, C. Pickel, W. Olson, W. Krueger and R. Buchner. 2004.
Prune Cultivar Development and Evaluation 85 CPB 3
DeJong, T. M., J. F. Doyle and C. J. DeBuse. 2004.
Reducing Impact of Dormant Sprays 90 CPB 5C
Wilson, B., F. Zalom, I Werner, W. Wallender, K. Giles and H. Scher. 2004.
Use of Gibberellin for Timing of Fruit Maturity and Improved Firmness in French Prune O4 CPB 3
Niederholzer, Franz and Kitren Glozer. 2004.
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