Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
University of California
Prune Research Reports Database


Dried Plum Cultivar Development and Evaluation. 85 CPB 3
De Jong, T. M., S. J. Castro and C. J. DeBuse. 2010.
Development of Plum Pox Virus Resistant 'Improved French' Plum. 07 CPB 1.
Scorza, Ralph. 2010
Field Evaluation of Prune Rootstocks. 09 CPB 2
Buchner, R. C. DeBuse, F. Niederholzer, J. Connell, T. DeJong, S. Bradley and C. Fleck. 2010.
Managing Bloom Timing in “French” Prune, 2009. 08 CPB 1
Niederholzer, Franz. 2010.
Managing Heat at Prune Bloom “French” Prune. 08 CPB 2
Niederholzer, F., R. Buchner, C. DeBuse and W. Krueger. 2010.
Gibberellin to Improve Fruit Quality and Firmness at Harvest in 'Sutter' Prune. 08 CPB1
Niederholzer, Franz. 2010.
Mechanical Pruning of Tulare County Dried Plums. 10 CPB 5.
Fichtner, Elizabeth. 2010.
Preliminary Studies on the Use of Rubidium as a Potassium Tracer in Prunes. 07 CPB 5
Niederholzer, Franz and Rich Rosencrance. 2010.
Environmentally Sound Dried Plum Farming Practices. 07 CPB 8.
Niederholzer, Franz, C. Pickel, K. Giles and J. Markle. 2010.
Monitoring and Management of Mealy Plum and Leaf-Curl Aphids Using Sex Pheromones. 10 CPB 1.
Symmes, Emily and Frank Zalom. 2010.
Spotted Wing Drosophila, A Concern for Dried Plum Producers?
Zalom, Frank, Kelly Hamby and Heather Wilson. 2010.
Epidemiology and Management of Brown Rot and Rust of Prune – Development of an Integrated Program with New Fungicides and Optimal Timing. 07 CPB 6
Adaskaveg, J. E., D. Thompson, H. Forster, R. Buchner, J. Connell and F. Niederholzer. 2010.
Determining the Yield Effects of Simulated Glyphosate or Propanil Drift on Dried Plum Yield. 09 DPB 1
Hanson, Brad, Franz Niederholzer and W. T. Lanini. 2010.
California Dried Plum Board Research Reports Database. 10 CPB 2.
Ferguson, Louise, Janet Zalom, Gary Obenauf and Karl Krist. 2010.
Survival of Salmonella Spp., Listeria monocytogenes, and Escherichia coli O157:H7 on Prunes
Centrella, Bill, Food Safety Net Services. 2010.
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