Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
Prune Research Reports Database
University of California
Prune Research Reports Database


Dried Plum Cultivar Development and Evaluation. (85 CPB 3)
DeJong, T.M. and S. J. Castro. 2013
Research Results for the Year 2013 ‘FasTrack’ A Revolutionary Approach to Long-Generation Cycle Specialty Crop Breeding
Scorza, Ralph, Ann Callahan, Chris Dardick, Doug Raines, Ted DeJong, Albert Abbott and Jason Harper. 2013
Sequencing and Assembly of the Prunus Domestica cv. ‘Improved French’ Genome. (11 CPB 1)
Dardick, Chris, Ann Callahan, Ralph Scorza, Bert Abbott and Ted DeJong. 2013
Field Evaluation of Prune Rootstocks 2013 (09 CPB 2)
Buchner, Rick, Carolyn DeBuse, Franz Niederholzer, Joe Connell, Ted DeJong, Sarah Castro, Cyndi Giles and Chuck Fleck. 2013
Managing Heat at Prune Bloom ‘French’ Prune (08 CPB 2)
Niederholzer, Franz, R. Buchner, C. DeBuse and W. Krueger. 2013
Epidemiology and Management of Brown Rot and Rust of Prune – Development of an Integrated Program with New Fungicides and Optimal Timing
Adaskaveg, Jim, D. Thompson, H. Förster, R. Buchner, J. Connell and F. Niederholzer. 2013
Diagnosis, Etiology, Epidemiology and Management of Canker Diseases in Dried Plums (13 CPB 2)
Michailides, Themis J., Dave Morgan, Dan Felts, Ryan Puckett, and Michael Luna. 2013
Tree Crop Intern (12 CPB 2)
Niederholzer, Franz. 2013
Maintaining UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines for Prunes (12 CPB 3)
Al-Khatib, Kassim. 2013
Evaluating Herbicide Drift on Dried Plum Early Growth and Vigor (09 CPB 1)
Hanson, Brad. 2013
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