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Upcoming events and ranch happenings at the Richard J Elkus Ranch Environmental Education and Conference Center.

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Fall-Winter 2013   10/22/13 Download
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Spring/Summer 2013

Elkus Ranch News

In this issue:

Tenderloin Community School

News from the Board

Raptors at the Ranch

Farm Tales

Discovery Day Camps

Sheep to Shawl

Thank you to our donors


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3/28/13 Download
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Spring/Summer 2012
  •     Rebuilding Together
  •     A Note from Marilyn Johns
  •     Your Donations at Work
  •     Kale in the Garden
  •     Advisory Board News
  •     Sheep to Shawl

A huge thank you to everyone who volunteered their time, labor, and materials to Rebuilding Together on April 28, 2012. Without you we could not have completed so many badly needed repairs.


6/1/12 Download
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Fall/Winter 2011
  • Elkus welcomes it's newest animal member, Ozzie!
  • Winter Camp
  • Children's Garden Makeover
  • Donation Request
  • Master Gardener Update
  • and much more!
11/18/11 Download
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Spring/Summer 2011


  • Help us win an orchard,
  • VIP visitors to Elkus Ranch,
  • New Water Operator and more!
5/6/11 Download
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Fall/Winter 2010   4/22/11 Download
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Spring/Summer 2010   7/29/10 Download
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Spring/Summer 2009   7/29/10 Download
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