Creating an Account

Creating an Individual Account

As a learning management system, eXtension requires each user to have their own individual account that requires a unique email address to create.

Steps to Creating an eXtension account:
  • Go to the "Create an Account" page by clicking on the button below. 


  • Fill out the required fields.
    • Account Details-should include unique user name, password, and the email that the individual will use to login to the account (ex. if using a family account).
    • Contact Details-First and Last Name should match the name used in the 4-H Online enrollment system.  Also, if a parent or guardian is registering their child for an account, this should reflect the child's name and not the adults.
  • Click the "create account" button to submit.
  • Repeat with each individual's unique information (if signing up multiple individuals).
  • Save and store Login information.
Creating Multiple Accounts from a Shared Email

You can create multiple accounts on a shared email address by following the instructions for creating the instructions above for creating an individual account and adding "+Name" to the part before the @, with no spaces to the shared email address.

For example, if your shared email address is, then enter this as the email address:


This will allow you to create separate accounts on In most cases, the email provider will ignore "+Name" in the address and route messages to the shared email account.