Fire in California
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Fire in California

Who Are We?

We are a collection of Fire and Natural Resource Advisers with a mission to deliver information and support for communities throughout California.

Photo of James Bartolome James Bartolome
Title: Professor
Unit: Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM)
Phone: (510) 642-7945


Photo of Sabrina L. Drill , Ph.D. Sabrina L. Drill , Ph.D.
Title: Natural Resources Advisor
County: Los Angeles County
Phone: (805) 645-1466


Ann King Filmer Ph.D.
Title: Communications
Unit: Department of Plant Sciences
Phone: (530) 754-6788


Photo of Dustin K. Flavell Dustin K. Flavell
Title: SFREC Center Superintendent
Unit: Sierra Foothill Research & Extension Center
Phone: (530) 639-8812


Photo of J. Keith Gilless J. Keith Gilless
Title: Dean & Professor of Forest Economics
Unit: Agricultural & Resource Economics & Policy
Phone: (510) 642-7171


Photo of Bruce R Hartsough Bruce R Hartsough
Title: Professor and Associate Dean (College of Engineering)
Unit: Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Phone: (530) 752-5714


Photo of Susie Kocher Susie Kocher
Title: Forestry/ Natural Resources Advisor
Unit: Central Sierra Cooperative Extension
Phone: (530) 542-2571


Photo of Dr Royce Larsen E. Dr Royce Larsen E.
Title: Area Natural Resource/Watershed Advisor
County: San Luis Obispo County
Phone: (805) 434-4106


Photo of Dan Macon Dan Macon
Title: Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor
Unit: Placer-Nevada Counties
Phone: 530-889-7385


Gabriel Ute Maier
Unit: School of Veterinary Medicine


Photo of Dr Daniel B Marcum Dr Daniel B Marcum
Title: Farm Advisor - Emeritus
Unit: Shasta-Lassen Office
Phone: (530) 336-5784


Photo of Dr Max Alan Moritz Ph.D. Dr Max Alan Moritz Ph.D.
Title: Associate Specialist in Cooperative Extension
Unit: UC Santa Barbara - CE Specialist
Phone: 805-893-8747


Photo of Glenn A Nader Glenn A Nader
Title: Farm Advisor   Livestock and Natural Resources, Emeritus
Unit: Sutter-Yuba Counties


Photo of Lenya N. Quinn-Davidson Lenya N. Quinn-Davidson
Title: Area Fire Advisor
County: Humboldt County Office
Phone: 707-445-7351


Photo of Ricky Satomi Ricky Satomi
Title: Forestry/Natural Resources Advisor
County: Shasta County
Phone: 530-224-4900


Photo of Matthew Shapero Matthew Shapero
Title: Livestock and Range Advisor
County: Ventura County
Phone: 805-645-1475


Photo of Jeffery W. Stackhouse Jeffery W. Stackhouse
Title: Livestock and Natural Resource Advisor
County: Humboldt County Office
Phone: 707-445-7351


Photo of Yana Valachovic Yana Valachovic
Title: Forest Advisor and Humboldt - Del Norte County Director
County: Humboldt County Office
Phone: (707) 445-7351


Photo of Dr Kate Wilkin Dr Kate Wilkin
Title: Forestry/Fire Science and Natural Resource Advisor
Unit: Sutter-Yuba Counties
Phone: (530) 822-7515


Photo of Dr Rob York Dr Rob York
Title: Research Stations Manager / Adjunct Assistant Professor of Forestry
Unit: Center for Forestry (UCB)
Phone: (530) 333-4475

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