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Rural Roads Webinar Resources

Road Science and Issues

Water Resource Issues and Solutions for Forest Roads in California

Forest Roads - A Synthesis of Scientific Information

Road Sediment Production and Delivery - Processes and Management

  Road Construction and Maintenance

  The Hydrologic Impacts of Roads At Varying Spatial and Temporal Scales: A Review of Published Literature as of April 2004

Road Engineering

Low-Volume Roads Engineering Best Management Practices Field Guide

Low-Volume Roads Engineering Best Management Practices Field Guide - French

Low Volume Road Engineering Best Management Practices Selected References-Update June 18 2013

Use of Geosynthetics in Rural Road Applications

Culverts and Crossings

What We Know and Don't Know about Water Quality at Stream Crossings

Culvert Use, Installation and Sizing

Designing Watercourse Crossings for Passage of 100 year Flood-Flows, Wood and Sediment

Guidelines for Salmonid Passage at Stream Crossing s- NMFS

DFG Stream Restoration Manual Part XII - Fish Passage Design and Implementation

Flat Car Bridges

Railroad flatcars for low-volume bridges

Railroad flatcar bridges for economical bridge replacement systems

Development of abutment design standards for local bridge designs

Field testing of a railroad flatcar bridge

Field testing of railroad flatcar bridges - tech transfer summary

Road Sediment Control

Sediment Production and Delivery from Forest Roads in the Sierra Nevada, CA

CA Salmonid Stream Habitat Restoration Manual - Part X Upslope Erosion Inventory and Sediment Control Guidance

DFG Stream Restoration Manual Part XII - Fish Passage Design and Implementation

Road Work Costs

Road Upgrading, Decommissioning and Maintenance - Estimating Costs on Small and Large Scales

Proceedings of the salmon habitat restoration cost workshop

Road Manuals for Rural Landowners

Forest Stewardship Series 17 - Forest Roads

Rural Roads - A Construction and Maintenance Guide for California Landowners

Forest Road Contracting, Construction, and Maintenance for Small Forest Woodland Owners

State and Local Government Roads Maintenance Guidebooks

Handbook for Forest and Ranch Roads

FishNet 4C Roads Manual - Guidelines for Protecting Aquatic Habitat and Salmon Fisheries for County Road Maintenance (Dec 2004)

A Water Quality and Stream Habitat Protection Manual for County Road Maintenance in Northwestern California Watersheds

Washington State Guidelines for Forest Roads


A Tutorial on Field Procedures for Inventory and Assessment of Road-Stream Crossings for Aquatic Organism Passage

A Video Series on Riparian Roads and Restoration