Growth Regulators in Orchard Management
University of California
Growth Regulators in Orchard Management


The emphasis of this work is to address problems of tree crop production with practical approaches, with the goal of developing solutions for growers in California’s tree crop industry. Thus, we emphasize building collaborative relationships between University researchers, UC Cooperative Extension personnel, growers, commodity boards and agribusiness, to accomplish that goal.

A significant component of this project is educational outreach, including presenting research findings in technical reports. Those reports, from 2003 to the current season, are available here, organized by Tree Crop. Topics within each crop vary, generally addressing the impact of plant growth regulators on fruit quality, and the use of chill accumulation models to time treatments. The use of tools to manage crop production is encouraged and several "How-To' guides are available here.


Dormancy, chill accumulation, rest-breaking and freeze damage - what are the risks?
a timely assessment by Kitren Glozer, Project Scientist, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis

Jaunuary 5, 2010


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