Growth Regulators in Orchard Management
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Growth Regulators in Orchard Management


Annual Reports 2008

Annual Reports 2008 Evaluation of Antioxidants and Preharvest Plant Growth Regulators to Reduce Physical Damage and Improve Firmness in 'Manzanillo' Olives in 2008
Year: 2008. Objective: Prevent olive fruit damage with pre- and post-harvest chemical treatments. Annual Report for the California Olive Committee for 2008.
Annual Reports 2008 Inducing Precocity in European Pear: First Year Effects on Growth
In a six month period of growth, CPPU showed good increase in vegetative growth, as evidenced by an increase in trunk area and in total growth of new shoots. Submitted to the California Pear Advisory Board for 2008.
Annual Reports 2008 Mechanical Thinning in Cling Peach: Final Report, 2008 - North State Trials
Field trials, including this season's work in Sutter County, allowed us to advance mechanical thinning technology to the point of readiness for commercial adoption. Submitted to the California Cling Peach Board for 2008.
Annual Reports 2008 Optimizing Nitrogen Availability in Cherry Growth to Obtain High Yield and Fruit Quality
The goals of this work include the development of fertilization practices to improve N use efficiency and minimize environment impacts. Submitted to the California Cherry Advisory Board for 2008.
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