Growth Regulators in Orchard Management
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Growth Regulators in Orchard Management

Leaf Area Measurement Alternatives

The ability to measure the leaf surface area is important to growers. Leaf area information is used to determine healthy growth and the impact of pests. The  8-page step-by-step manual is available here: Protocol for Leaf Image Analysis - Surface Area

  • Commercial
    cherry leaves
    leaf area meters can be portable or lab-based but they typically cost $2500 - $10,000. Furthermore, errors in measurement can be found when leaves are yellowish or wavy1.
  • Digital Leaf Image Analysis is a simple procedure to measure leaf surface area using a digital camera with a tripod, and a frame to hold the leaves.

1 Tsuda, M 1999. Errors in leaf area measurement wiht an automatic area meter due to leaf chlorophyll in crop plants. Annals of Botany 84:799-801.

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