Growth Regulators in Orchard Management
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Growth Regulators in Orchard Management

Using the Pull Force Gauge: An FRF Guide

Components of Fruit Removal Force system
Components of Fruit Removal Force system
An illustrated step-by-step guide to measuring Fruit Removal Force (FRF) using a hand-held gauge, a software package for your windows computer, and an interface system. The guide, a PowerPoint presentation, is available here: pull_force_gauge (pdf)

With this tool you can track: your fruit's readiness for harvest and tendency to drop; the efficacy of abscission compounds on fruit removal and of loosening agents for mechanically harvested crops; the effect of plant growth regulators on fruit quality.

This FRF Guide includes:

  • Introduction: how the system works
  • Description of each component of the system, including vendors & pricing
  • Set up & use: the Imada digital gauge, including attachments for various fruits, data entry hardware (a simple interface between gauge & computer), including software installation & configuation, preparation of samples

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