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Positive Youth Development Exhibited in 4-H Teens

Positive Youth Development Exhibited in 4-H Teens

Positive Youth Developed Exhibited in 4-H Teens

1,000 4-H members in Fresno County practice learning by doing with skill development. Teens have become engaged in developing leadership characteristics by planning events and activities, teaching skill development sessions at workshops and camps, and inviting present leaders to share their knowledge and talents. Fresno County 4-H Youth Development takes the five C’s of positive youth development seriously. Melanie Curtis encourages teens to practice the five C’s including:

* Competence: A positive view of one’s actions.
* Confidence: An internal sense of overall positive self-worth and selfefficacy.
* Connection: Positive bonds with others; contributing to relationships.
* Character: Respect for norms, a sense of right and wrong, and integrity.
* Caring/Compassion: A sense of sympathy and empathy.

Active teen involvement in 4-H includes a sixth C: Contributions to self, family and community. Service learning opportunities help 4-H teens appreciate the gifts they give and receive in exchanges with others through service such as contributions to the local food bank and conducting special events at youth and senior centers.

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