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Identifying Pest Management Strategies for Fresno Counties Valuable Vegetable Crops

Tom Turini, the vegetable crops advisor conducts research and makes science-based information available to large scale growers, consultants and allied industries. The focus of his program is on increasing efficiencies and sustainability of vegetable crops production through optimizing management of resources as well as using the best techniques and tools available for pest management.

Specific program efforts include crop and pest management projects vegetable crops. Processing tomato research has included studies on management of water, salts and fertility; management of Tomato spotted wilt virus; control of thrips and powdery mildew. In garlic and onions, management of a devastating soil-borne disease, white rot, is an important part of the program, as well as investigating programs and new tools for control of thrips in onion. Several pest management projects are in progress in lettuce and melons that will help growers design management strategies that minimize losses.

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