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Webinar Troubleshooting

If you are having difficulty accessing or participating in the webinar, check the information below to help troubleshoot the problem.

Test Your Software and Connection Speed

To test your software and connection speed, go to: Adobe Connect Test Site. This website will run several diagnostics:

  • to see if you have a supported version of Flash Player,
  • that you can successfully connect to the virtual meeting room server (no firewall issues),
  • that your connection speed is adequate (56 Kbps or higher is required) and
  • that you have the appropriate plug-in (not mandatory but it does allow you to see the presentation in full-screen rather than inside the browser window).

If your version of Flash Player or the Connect add-in need to be updated, the website above will direct you to appropriate download links. If you are unable to connect to the enterprise server (the host of the meeting room), contact your IT staff.


This virtual meeting room is very trouble-free but there are occasionally firewalls that will not allow access to Adobe Connect meeting rooms, especially for those that are connecting through servers maintained by federal agencies. If one or more of the diagnostic tests described above fails, contact your IT staff or Internet Service Provider and work with them to see if there are ways to allow the stream through the firewall.

Other Things to Check

Quick things to check if you have trouble connecting. Check the following simple items to help resolve meeting access issues.

  • Are you connected to the Internet?
  • Disable popup blocker software.
  • Clear the browser's cache.
  • Try connecting from another computer.
  • Are you accessing the correct URL?

Proxy Server

My company uses a proxy server to control internet access. Being behind a proxy server may affect your ability to access Acrobat Connect. Try the following:

  1. Within Internet Explorer select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab.
  2. Enable the setting Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections and click OK.
  3. Close all browser windows and re-open before trying to connect to meeting again

Cannot Hear the Presenters

If you cannot hear the presenters or the volume is very low, try the following:

  • adjust the volume on your computer and/or speakers
  • exit the virtual meeting room and return
  • send a note to the presenters through the "chat" pod in the virtual meeting room

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