Goldspotted Oak Borer
Goldspotted Oak Borer
Goldspotted Oak Borer
University of California
Goldspotted Oak Borer

Early Warning System (EWS)

With over a million acres of oaks in southern California, it is difficult to monitor all woodlands for new areas of infestation. We are asking woodland owners to help monitor the condition of oaks in their areas and report new cases of oak mortality by providing information to scientists and managers about declining oaks in the region. You can do this by taking part in the Early Warning System (EWS). Follow the "Help Monitor" link below to become part of the Early Warning System.

Help Monitor


Submit GSOB EWS Tree Survey Reports

Click HERE to enter data from GSOB EWS tree surveys.

Mobile Monitoring

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There are several mobile applications available, which may assist GSOB EWS participants to collect tree survey data on mobile devices. Check the app store for your mobile device platform (iOS-App Store, Android-Google Play, etc.) Look for an application that will allow you to take a latitude/longitude reading and related photos. You might also check with your local community GSOB EWS coordinator for recommendations of mobile device applications used in the area where you are surveying.

Two mobile resources formerly developed to help with oak mortality and goldspotted oak borer monitoring - GSOB Tracker (iOS platforms) and the Managing Oak Mortality (MOM) website - are no longer utilized for current GSOB survey data collection.



Informational meetings and trainings may be scheduled around Southern California. For dates and locations of upcoming events contact the EWS Program Coordinator.

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