Goldspotted Oak Borer
Goldspotted Oak Borer
Goldspotted Oak Borer
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Goldspotted Oak Borer

Students Restore Impacted Lands in Their Community

Individual Tree Shelters and Weed Guards Materials
Maureen Anderson of the US Forest Service initiated a project in the fall of 2009 with grade school students teaching them how to collect, test, and store acorns until planting. Students are from the Pine Valley and Descanso communities - communities that have witnessed the impact of extreme oak tree mortality due to the Goldspotted Oak Borer.

Individual Tree Shelter and Weed Guard
The US Forest Service along with the help of local students planted 100 acorns protected by individual tree shelters and weed guards and 400 unprotected, but flagged acorns in Cuyamaca State Park. In a second planting event in Descanso at Camp Oliver, another 100 acorns protected by individual tree shelters and weed guards were sown.

This is an ongoing study. Students are projected to assist in additional planting events within the Descanso Ranger District, including Burnt Rancheria and Laguna Campgrounds.

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Acorn Activity

Hands-On Acorn Activity
An easy to follow activity illustrating basic acorn planting guidelines including collecting, testing, and storing acorns for planting.

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Preparing Acorns

The Planting Crew

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