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Photo of some GSOB resources
When the goldspotted oak borer (GSOB) was pinpointed as a major contributor to the dense oak tree mortality in San Diego County, there was virtually no information available about this non-native pest or how to manage it. Since its discovery in 2008, the GSOB Steering Committee member organizations have been rapidly developing information resources to inform land managers, industry professionals and private property owners about GSOB, GSOB management, and oak woodland restoration.

To help you access the resources best suited to your situation, we have gathered them together by popular categories, called GSOB Resource Toolkits. The print materials are available to download and copy as needed. For larger quantities, hardcopies for several of these materials may be available at no cost.

To inquire about print material availability or additional resources, contact Jan Gonzales at jggonzales@ucanr.edu.

Management Resource Toolkit

Outreach Resource Toolkit

Spanish Resource Toolkit