Habitat Conservation Plan Workshop
University of California
Habitat Conservation Plan Workshop



8:00 am registration, continental breakfast (included in registration fee)


Introduction, Objectives

Michael Allen (UC Riverside)



1. Before MSHCPs: A Look Back

Jane Block—A citizen’s perspective on HCPs

Tom Mullen—How did HCPs change the patterns of land conservation and development in Riverside County?


Panel on HCP history and land use change

Katie Barrows (Coachella Valley Association of Governments)

Tom Oberbauer (San Diego County Planning (retired))

Robb Hamilton (Hamilton Biological, Orange County)


Moderator: Mike Allen


10:15-10:45 Break



2. MSHCP Design and Land AcquisitionDoes Science have a Role?

Pete Stine (US Forest Service)—Use of habitat models; a scientific approach to HCPs


Panel on land acquisition

Charlie Landry (Western Riverside County Regional Conservation Authority)

Ron Rempel (San Diego Monitoring and Management Program)

Katie Barrows (Coachella Valley Association of Governments)


Moderator: Tom Scott


11:45-12:45 Lunch



3. Monitoring Frameworks, Questions and Approaches for Species and Habitats

Cam Barrows (UCR)—Using science to detect species trends in response to a changing environment


Panel on species and habitat monitoring

Kris Preston (US Geological Survey)

Brenda Johnson (California Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Brad Shaffer (UC Los Angeles)


Moderator: Jeff Diez


1:45-2:15 Break



4. Monitoring Frameworks, Questions and Approaches for Ecosystem Change

Mike Allen—Monitoring for ecosystem and global change


Panel on ecosystem monitoring

Travis Huxman—UC Irvine

Adam Malisch—Western Riverside County MSHCP

Karin Cleary-Rose—US Fish and Wildlife Service


Moderator: Chris McDonald



5. Wrap-up discussion: What is the future of biodiversity protection?

Reports from land managers: one successful management strategy for species and habitat protection

General discussion

Moderator: Edie Allen

4:00 adjourn



Edith Allen, UCR, edith.allen@ucr.edu

Christopher McDonald, UCCE, cjmcdonald@ucdavis.edu

Cameron Barrows, UCR cbarrows@ucr.edu

Thomas Scott, UCB/UCR, thomas.scott@ucr.edu

Jeff Diez, UCR, jeff.diez@ucr.edu

Michael Allen, UCR, michael.allen@ucr.edu


Cost: early registration $55 until May 5, $75 after May 5




Session Format

One of our objectives is to create a dialog between the speaker our invited panelists and the audience. 


Each session of the four sessions will begin with a 20 minute summary of the topic by a presenter. Then the 4-5 member panel (including the speaker) will answer questions from the moderator and more importantly from the audience.


This format will allow approximately 40 minutes of discussion within each topic.

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 Registration includes continental breakfast, drinks, lunch and afternoon snacks.


Early registration is $55 before May 5th. After registration is $75.

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