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Continuing Education

All MG volunteers agree to participate in a minimum of twelve hours of approved continuing education annually in subsequent years following their first certification year.

Continuing education activities must be approved in advance by the MG Coordinator. The MG Coordinator may seek the approval from the UCCE County Director for the final approval to assure that the activity meets UC standards.

Examples of continuing education approved to qualifying include: Educational activities sponsored by the UCCE MGP such as education portion of UCCE MGP meetings, additional training classes, workshops, seminars and conferences.

The additional educational activities approved in advance are listed below:

California Master Gardener Handbook (2nd Edition) read chapter and do a quiz. Automatic quiz grade is for your purpose only. Earn up to 2 hours CE for each chapter.

Chapter 3 Soil & Fertilizer Management  - Quiz
Chapter 4 Water Management - Quiz
Chapter 8 Weeds - Quiz 
Chpater 9 IPM - Quiz
Chapter 12 Landscape Trees - Quiz
Chapter 13 Home Vegetable Gardens - Quiz

The MGP State Website has links to approved activities. 

Broaden your knowledge and earn CE Credit    

Think Safe and Green Notes


UCANR Videos

Identify Common Weeds - UC Davis

Pollinators in Your Garden Stanislaus Master Gardener's 5/26/20 Guest Speaker Chris Howington - Soil Conservationist - Natural Resources Conservation Service 

Organic Farming Series of Classes “This course includes information from the latest scientific research conducted by our University of California colleagues across the state, and boils it down into practical information for beginning or transitioning organic farmers of fruit, nuts, vegetables and other specialty crops,” said Sonja Brodt, UC SAREP academic coordinator for agriculture and environment. 
The training program contains six learning modules: soil health, weed management, irrigation and water management, insect and mite pest management, disease management, and business management and marketing.

NACAA Articles
(National Association County Agriculture Agents)

Soil Myth Busting for Extension Educators: Reviewing the Literature on Soil Structure and Functionality


Approved Websites/Blogs

The Garden Professors This blog is written and maintained by various Land Grant University Professors and Extension Specialist. Various horticultural subjects with current science based supported articles.

Pests in the Urban Landscape  Home, landscape, and structural pest news from the UC Statewide Integrated Pest Management.

The Coastal Gardener Our Newsletter Blog.