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Newsletters-Contributing/Writing Articles

The Coastal Gardener Newsletter

Do you like to write? Do you like to share gardening information?  Our readers want to hear what you want to share.  You can feature an article in each of our quarterly newsletters.

For those who would like to contribute articles for our newsletters and don't like deadlines, write those articles when you are inspired and send them to Sherida.  If they are season specific, she will include your articles in the appropriate season's issue.  If the article is not seasonal, she will include it with the next issue. 

A few suggestions for newsletter articles:

- Meet Your Master Gardener- spotlighting a MG - pic and bio
- Garden Successes Story
- Seasonal Pests/Weeds
- How to
- Seasonal Chores
- Garden Myth Buster
- Plant/Tree Spotlight
- Gardening with Children
- etc, use your garden related imagination

Going forward deadlines for article submissions are:

- Summer Edition - 6/15 to be published 7/1
- Fall Edition - 9/15 to be published 10/1
- Winter Edition - 12/15 to be published 1/1
- Spring Edition - 3/15 to be published 4/1