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Volunteer Service

Humboldt and Del Norte Approved Volunteer Service Activities

Note: During COVID mandated County and UCANR protocols, refer to the COVID section for up-to-date information. All activities during this time MUST be approved by our County Director.  To obtain approval submit your activity as outlined in the COVID section. Your safety is of the utmost importance.


Excerpt from Master Gardener Administration Manual

C. Intended Program Impact 
1. UCCE MGP staff and MG volunteers organize to extend educational services to the widest audiences possible.  Intended UCCE MGP impacts can be categorized into four important areas:
a. Healthier Plants 
i. Increased understanding of plant/people interaction.    
ii. Appropriate selection, placement, and care of plants.
iii. Integrated pest-management practices.
b. Healthier Environment 
i. Optimum water use.
ii. Improved soil quality.
iii. Reduced reliance on pesticides.
iv. Reduced green waste going to landfills.
c. Healthier Gardeners 
i. More vegetables and fruits consumed.
ii. More positive gardening experiences.
iii. More new skills learned and recognized.
iv. More gardens in the community.
v. Better health through gardening
d. Healthier Community 
i. More people gardening.
ii. More positive experiences.
iii. More group involvement.
iv. Improved communications skills.    
v. Improved cultural understanding.


A.  In their first year as MG volunteers, individuals agree to perform a minimum of fifty (50) hours of qualifying service activities.
B. In their second and subsequent year as MG volunteers, individuals agree to perform a minimum of twenty-five (25) hours of qualifying service activities. 
C. Service activities must be approved in advance by the UCCE County Director to assure that they meet UC standards.  Qualifying service activities must be consistent with UCCE MGP priorities, core issues and policy.
D. Qualifying service activities must be performed free of charge.  No payment to a MG volunteer may be solicited or accepted.

E. Qualifying service activities must be outreach and/or educational in nature, and/or must be UCCE programs.  Examples of service activities that are likely to be approved as qualifying include:
1. Answering home gardening and pest management questions received by the UCCE MGP.
2. Service on public education activities sponsored by the UCCE MGP including lectures, demonstrations, field trips, tours, plant clinics, exhibits, seminars, workshops, and conferences.
3. Unpaid radio and television appearances representing UCCE MGP, if specifically approved by the County Director.
4. Unpaid articles written for publication representing UCCE MGP.  Copies of articles (or other written material) must be submitted to the County Director for review before publication.
5. Organization and planning of UCCE MGP activities such as talks, plant clinics, educational exhibits and seminars, or assisting UCCE MGP staff with developing program direction and strategic planning.
6. Preparation of art work, poster, fliers, displays, and other educational materials that benefit the UCCE MGP.
7. Service on committees or as a coordinator for any UCCE MGP educational activity.
8. Organization of reference materials and clerical or administrative work for the UCCE MGP.
9. Service setting up and/or cleaning up UCCE MGP meetings and/or picking up and delivering supplies for a talk, clinic, exhibit, seminar, or other UCCE MGP function.
10. Work on research projects and reports under the supervision of UCCE MGP staff for the purpose of developing and disseminating information on plant varieties and cultural practices.
F. Examples of service activities that are likely to be disapproved as qualifying include:
1. Attendance at general UCCE MGP meetings (although the educational portion of such a meeting might count as continuing education as described above).

Attendance at social meetings, holiday parties, and so on.
3. Work (whether paid or unpaid) for outside organizations (e.g., community groups, etc.) that satisfies the requirements for participation or membership in those organizations.
4. Any and all activities for which the MG volunteer is paid.  However, the County Director has discretion to approve paid work on a very rare exception basis if they deem it appropriate.
5. Physical labor, such as for a community or school garden.  However, the County Director has discretion to approve physical labor on an exception basis if its purpose is the demonstration of UCCE MGP methods.
6. Travel time to and from a volunteer activity.  However, the County Director has discretion to approve travel on an exception basis if:
a. Travel is the actual job, such as transporting seminar or exhibit supplies, or
b. Travel is for a specific approved activity that is unusually distant from the MG volunteer’s normal point of departure.