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Why Are Routines So Important?

  • Routines are important for helping children feel safe and comfortable.
  • Having a consistent schedule reduces feelings of stress and makes it easier for children to behave.
  • Establishing healthy routines helps set our body clocks and promote healthy habits.
  • Routines can help facilitate better dietary behaviors.
    • Waking up early gives time for breakfast. Studies show that both children and adults who have a healthy breakfast:
      • Stay alert during the day
      • Have more energy
      • Have better memories
      • Have better moods
      • Eat better during the day
      • Are less likely to overeat at the end of the day
    • Scheduling snacks and mealtimes with enough time helps kids be hungry for mealtime.
      • Allow at least one hour between snacks and mealtimes.
      • Provide water in between scheduled snacks and meals.