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Additional Resources

To read more about picking eating:

How to Handle Picky Eaters http://www.zerotothree.org/child-development/health-nutrition/how-to-handle-picky-eaters.html#roleparents (why does picky eating emerge in toddlers, what role parents play, what can parents do, what does not work, what about dessert)

Essentials of Helping a Child with Extreme Picky Eating (pdf) https://www.extremepickyeating.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/ExtremePickyEatingEssentials.pdf

Handling problems at the table http://ellynsatterinstitute.org/fmf/fmf41.php (child behavior and parent responses)

Helping Family Get Back to the Table http://ellynsatterinstitute.org/fmf/fmf5.php (having regular meal and snack times, sit down snacks, meal-planning without catering, understanding how children and grownups learn to like new foods)

You Can Learn to Enjoy Vegetables http://ellynsatterinstitute.org/hte/youcanenjoyvegetables.php

Don’t try to please everyone with every food http://ellynsatterinstitute.org/hte/mfmstep3.php

Picky eating: Nature or nurture?   http://ellynsatterinstitute.org/fmf/fmf20.php

Addressing super-picky - finicky - eating   http://ellynsatterinstitute.org/fmf/fmf91.php

Family Mealtime App www.needscenter.org/2013/12/04/mealtime-is-family-time-english/