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Why This Website Was Created

Beginning in 2019 the UC ANR Strategic Initiative team began looking at ways to expand our reach into video.

Some of the top content on YouTube is instructional in nature, but we have had few offerings, and most have been promotional, not instructional. Clearly some support would be needed since video production is much different than our more familiar delivery methods.

Originally there was a plan to host 2 in-person workshops to train our peers, but as the Covid-19 pandemic hit California, we had to change plans.

Concurrent with those efforts UC ANR had budgeted for the creation of an online learning course to cover all aspects of video production. Somehow I was charged with that task.

As extension moved to remote work the importance of video was highlighted. The video clinics pivoted to a online format, and the planned learning module moved to become a webpage that I could create more quickly in light of our urgent need. Both efforts worked in parallel, and the results are this website and webinars that were presented in April and May, 2020. (See Getting Started sections.)

The efforts of the video team were essential in creating this web resource.

Please send feedback to me (Dustin Blakey) about this source. And if you make and post a video, I'd love to hear about it!

Video Collaborators

The following members of the video team all contributed to the video clinics and provided content for this website. I'm grateful for their support and input in the process!

  • David Lile
  • David Lewis
  • Petr Kosina
  • JoLynn Miller
  • Linda Forbes
  • Mark Bell

Also a big thank you to my daughters Natalie and Amelia Blakey for being willing(?) models for this project. 

-Dustin Blakey


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