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Buying Premiere Elements

Purchasing with AggieBuy

Employees of UC ANR and UC Davis can purchase a license to Adobe Premiere Elements for a reduced price by using AggieBuy.

If you are set up already in AggieBuy and know how to use it, then you can go ahead and purchase a license directly, however, if you have not used it, we suggest having your office manager complete the purchase, as this will be faster.

Note: you are buying a license to Adobe Premiere Elements that will activate the product. You are not buying a physical item that will arrive in the mail. To follow along with this course you can download the "Free Trial" from Adobe directly and then register it later when your activation code arrives.


The purchasing process with AggieBuy is not instantaneous. Plan ahead and expect several days to complete the transaction. 

If you are anxious to get started, Adobe has a trial version you can use in the interim.

In AggieBuy, open the SHI Software's Punchout. It's in the "Computers" section. Look for a logo like this:

letters S H I with a swirl

If people have been purchasing it recently, it may show up on their home screen. If you see the image below, click it and add to your cart and complete the order.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 Image

If you do NOT see Premiere Elements on SHI's home page you will need to find it. In the search bar on top of the page enter "Premiere". Don't forget the e at the end. You'll see you can search in Software. Do that. From there you will find what you want" Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 1 Person License.

This is the thing to buy:

Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 Search Result

Add it to your cart and complete the purchase. 

After all the various approvals, SHI will send an email with the license information and software download. Like any UC purchase, this process is not instantaneous.

If you don't see a software download option, download it directly from Adobe and use the key SHI gave you. 

You will need an Adobe Account to use this software. Create one using your ucanr.edu (or ucdavis.edu) email. Chances are you have done this with Acrobat. 

After that, you should be be ready to edit!

What About Pro?

The professional version of this software is Adobe Premiere Pro. It is a subscription-based program. You will be charged either annually or monthly for your license. 

The pro version is substantially more expensive than the Elements version, even with UC's volume discounts.

Chances are if you are taking this class, you will not ever use the advanced features. Premiere Elements will do everything you need and is not a recurrent expense as a subscription.

If you are truly at a pro level or aspire to be there, you may want to evaluate other software options that may better fit your workflow before buying Premiere Pro. Macs and PCs have different professional options.