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Asian lady beetle

Biology and identification

Common name:

Asian lady beetle or harlequin lady beetle

Scientific name:

Harmonia axyridis

Type of insect:


Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Arthropoda, Class Insecta, Order Coleoptera, Family Coccinellinae

How to identify it:

Eggs are yellow, 1-3mm long and laid perpendicular to the leave surface. They are often laid in clusters near aphids.

Larvae look like miniature alligators with six legs. Older ones are black with some orange and red markings. It’s hard to tell species apart by the larvae. The larvae shed their exoskeletons to become larger as they grow!

Adults are domed shaped and fairly large (5.5-8.5 mm long). They come in many colors including red/orange with black spots and black with 2 or 4 red spots. They can be identified by the dark W behind their head.

Gardener friend or foe?

Friend!(although sometimes they invade houses)

What does it eat?

Aphids. Both the larvae and the adults are predatory.

What eats it?

Larvae often eat each other! They are also attacked by other insects such as lacewing larvae.



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