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Security At ANR

Welcome to the Information Security resource center for ANR! Please take a bit of time to explore the resources and discussions here as everyone depends on Security Leads to extend Information Security into each unit.


We at ANR CSIT have been charged with developing an Information Security program which is driven by the implementation of the new UC wide BFB-IS-3 Policy. The policy provides a clear path to improved information security through multiple features including four data protection and availability levels. Security Leads will be able to collaborate closely with Unit Heads and the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who will have the authority to take action as needed.

Why Is This Important?

In order for our users to do their job efficiently and effectively, they must be able to rely on their devices and systems being secure. Security Leads will be in the best possible position to foster this environment.

Where Do I Go Now?

The Security Lead will be tasked with various responsibilities such as maintaining an inventory of applications/assets; implementing security controls; reviewing and updating risk assessment and treatment plans; devising procedures for proper handling, storage, disposal of electronic media; and reviewing access rights. Please feel free to use this board to communicate and collaborate with other Security Leads as well as check existing resources related to the policy. Here's a list of resources to get you started:

Report an Incident

Please visit the Incident Report page to get started: https://ucanr.edu/p/65528.

In addition to the steps on that page, If an incident or violation occurs, it needs to be reported to the Unit Head. If the incident involves information classified at Protection Level 3 or above, it needs to be reported to the CISO.


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