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Update Your Staff Directory

Why update your staff directory?

It's very important that your staff directory is up-to-date, particularly with respect to the Director and Unit Information Security Lead roles. 

The people who fill those roles (according to the ANR Directory) will be selected for communications related to Information Security.  

In particular, individuals with these roles will be automatically included in all discussions in the ANR Information Security Collaborative Tools Group.


  1. On your Portal, click 'Edit Directory' next to the unit of interest.


    You will be shown a listing of the staff in that unit. 

    Directory_UnitRoles_05_Staff list

  2. Click 'Unit Roles' to see a full listing of the current roles filled in your Unit.

    Directory_UnitRoles_04_Unit Roles

  3. Specify that a person in your unit is filling a role by selecting that person under 'User' and the relevant role. Click 'Add Role'

    Directory_UnitRoles_03_Add a new user_role

  4. Scroll down the list to see the new user/role you defined. 

    Directory_UnitRoles_02_Unit Roles list

  5. Finally, confirm that you made the intended changes by checking the people under your unit on the People page.

    Directory_UnitRoles_01_People page