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Security Policy

All of us have different ideas about privacy that might apply to these practices. Ask 1,000 people to define privacy, and you’ll get 1,000 definitions. Privacy is personal, it’s cultural, and means different things to different people and societies. Privacy can be:

  • our ability to control access to our personal information and activities.
  • about having the freedom to conceal aspects of ourselves from others.
  • about the individual freedom to choose what things we are willing to share and with whom we share them.

Universty of California BFB-IS-3 Policy

California Information Practices Act

Campus employee regulations

The online processing of employee-related data expands previous, paper-based, opportunities to access and exploit employee information, some of which is protected by the IPA.

Public Records Act (Separate personal and private because someone will read)

Electronic Communications Policy (ECP)

Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act

Rules of Conduct for University Employees Handling Information Regarding Individuals.

UC Privacy Values and Privacy Principles and Privacy Balancing Test

California Law about Notification in Instances of Security Breaches-effective July 1, 2003: California Civil Code Section 1798.29

California Law Restricting Display of Social Security Numbers: California Civil Code Section 1798.85