Go Glow Grow

GGG Cover
Go Glow Grow is a nutrition curriculum for preschool children. Using the book Go Glow Grow: Foods for You, children learn about healthy eating, exercising and the importance of hand washing. Using a simplified version of MyPlate, children learn the connection between healthy foods and what they do for the body.

Grains are Go foods - they help you run, jump and play all day.

Fruits and vegetables are Glow foods - they help you have shiny hair and sparkly eyes.

Dairy and protein are Grow foods - they help you grow big and strong.

Each lesson includes teacher background information, two activities, snack recipes, and review questions. There is a parent take home letter describing what their child learned along with an activity and snack recipe to make at home.

  • Teach young children to identify healthy foods.
  • Teach young children to understand the benefits of eating healthy foods.
  • Promote an active lifestyle in young children.
  • Teach young children the importance of hand washing.
  • Promote healthy life-long eating habits in young children.


  • Go Glow Grow Introduction
  • Go Foods
  • Glow Foods
  • Grow Foods
  • Exercise
  • Handwashing