Nutrition To Grow On

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Nutrition to Grow On
is a garden-enhanced nutrition education curriculum for upper elementary school children (4th and 5th graders). The primary goal is to provide children with the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthful dietary choices while they gain a greater understanding of the land that provides us with food. The lessons are designed to be fun, easy to implement, integrative and adaptable to any educational situation.  


  • Teach upper elementary children the importance of making healthful food choices and the way in which to do so.
  • Improve children’s preferences for fruits and vegetables by giving children an opportunity to work with the land and grow their own produce.


Lesson 1: Nutrition and Gardening

Lesson 2: Nutrients We Need

Lesson 3: MyPlate

Lesson 4: Food Math

Lesson 5: Food Labels

Lesson 6: Get Physically Active

Lesson 7: Goal Setting

Lesson 8: Consumerism

Lesson 9: Making Healthful Snacks

Appendices: provide written quizzes, web sites, and a list of companies and organizations that promote nutrition education. 

Curriculum not available for sale through our office.