Food Safety for Kids

Contaminated Sandwich

Can you find the 5 food safety mistakes?

  • Visit FightBac to learn about how to keep your food safe. They have fun games, guides, coloring place mats, and more.
  • Join the Scrub Club and learn how about proper handwashing with fun songs and stories.
  • Because I Care, I Wash My Hands  is a five-day curriculum developed by Media Productions at New Mexico State University. It is available for free download and consists of daily activity lists, child materials, and songs. 
  • Food Safe Families Activity Book (English) (Spanish) is a fun activity book was created by USDA to help families keep one another food-safe. You’ll be able to complete numerous activities that will help you to always remember  the safe way to handle and cook your food. 
  • Let Me Tell You How Dad Got Sick! is a comic book created by USDA explains the four steps to food safety through the eyes of a young boy in a family.