CATCH at Home

What is CATCH?


CATCH stands for "Coordinated Approach to Child Health." The goal of CATCH Physical Activity is to have fun while promoting moderate to vigorous physical activity for all children to enjoy during activity or recreation time. One of the CATCH goals is for children to enjoy physical activity at home. 

If you would like more CATCH at Home Resources, please visit Health at Home Resources.


CATCH Videos
Dice-er-cise - #242
Activity Good For: Fitness: Muscular Strength & Endurance
Equipment: 1 die and Dice-er-cise Exercise Card for each group of 4-6 students, music (see Teaching Suggestions)
Fitness Component(s): Muscular strength & endurance (upper body & abdominal)

Over, Under, Around and Through
Activity Good For: Warm-Up & Cool-Down; Catch 'Em Quick Activity
Equipment: two short ropes (or scarves, pieces of cloth) for every group of 3 players
Fitness/Skill Component(s): listening, cardiovascular efficiency, quickness, agility

Dragon's Tail/Tail Tag - #119
Activity good for: Tag You're It! - Aerobic Games
Equipment: 1 fabric strip or flag or scarf per student, designated activity area
Movement Concept(s): Spatial awareness (location), relationships (with people)
Skill Theme(s): Traveling, chasing, fleeing, dodging


Me and My Bean Bag - #120-121
Activity Good For: Warm-Up & Cool-Down, Lead Up Activity
Equipment: 1 bean bag per student
Skills Emphasized: Spatial concepts, movement skills